Latex Care


Putting latex on & shining:

  • Your latex will be sent either lightly dusted with talcum powder or pre-shined. If latex is powder dusted, wash it in lukewarm water with a bit of washing-up detergent and let it dry before applying any shiner.
  • Latex is normally matte, particularly when new. Apply latex shiner on the outside to achieve a high-gloss effect. We highly recommend BeGloss or VIVISHINE products for shining up your latex after the wash.  
  • When dressing in latex, patience and dressing aid (talcum or silicone lubricants) are necessary to help the latex easily slide over skin. Do not pull hard or use excessive force or you may damage the garment.

Storing latex:

  • Wash your latex in lukewarm water before storing.
  • Latex should be stored in a cool, dry, dark place covered in talcum powder. You can use Ziplock bags.
  • Be sure to store white, light coloured and transparent latex carefully and separate from other colours. Even with the best of care, these colours will eventually discolour and stain very easily.

Things to avoid:

  • Metals such as copper, brass and bronze will react with latex resulting in brown stains (any jewellery and body piercings will stain latex).
  • Direct sunlight, heat and humidity, exposure to sunlight results in discolouration.
  • Sharp objects can puncture or tear latex – rings, long fingernails.
  • Oils will degrade latex. Avoid any contact with oil-based lubricants and solvents such as hand creams and grease.
  • Latex is very highly flammable!!