My name is Mags, and I design latex fashion under the brand of Pandora Deluxe, the fashion label I launched in London in autumn 2010.

The Pandora Deluxe range embraces latex dresses, tops, lingerie and accessories. It includes a cosplay-inspired collection and the current SpellBound collection, which combines elements such as vintage lingerie patterns and bondage-inspired detailing.

I am a genuine latex enthusiast, and the designs I produce are for clothes I would – and often do – wear myself. I am a perfectionist — high-quality production and correct fit across my entire garment range are my twin obsessions.

Beginnings of the label

An avid online gamer, I began making latex cosplay-inspired outfits for my personal use in 2009. At this point I was studying for a PhD in Cosmology at Queen Mary London University. In August 2011 I unveiled PandoraDeluxe.com, complete with an integrated web store. My very first commercial design, the Pandora dress, is still popular with customers to this day. I decided in April 2012 to relinquish my PhD studies in order to focus full-time on latex design.

In May 2012 I launched my first, superheroine-inspired collection, Ka-Pow!, at the Sci-Fi London Film Festival, followed quickly by the collection’s European debut at the German Fetish Ball in Berlin. The outfits, complete with pop-art appliqué slogans, had a big impact on the audience at this international fetish gathering, paving the way for a further London showcase at Torture Garden in September 2012.

SpellBound Collection

At my next fashion show for Amsterdam’s Dominatrix party in March 2013, I revealed a sophisticated new direction with the new SpellBound collection. SpellBound uses colour in more harmonious combinations, and there is an obvious bondage influence in the straps, rings, buckles and strappy trims. The overall effect is grown-up but still playful. Many SpellBound dresses and tops feature built-in bras which are a much more flattering option for women.

The reception for SpellBound from the international fetish crowd in Amsterdam was amazing. It is not easy to create anything completely original in latex, so I was delighted that the industry crowd and clubbers alike hailed the SpellBound collection as truly innovative and aesthetically pleasing.

This launch confirmed beyond doubt that Pandora Deluxe had ‘arrived’ as an international latex brand, spoken of in the same breath as long-established and highly-regarded labels. Top fetish photographers wanted to shoot the garments, and top fetish models wanted to buy them.

Beyond SpellBound

Work is now underway on new styles that will add a third, top-end tier to the Pandora Deluxe portfolio in 2014. This new capsule collection — small but assuredly attention-grabbing — is intended to cater for occasions when only a luxury treat will suffice.

At the same time, I have by no means abandoned my cosplay roots. Much of my custom work is still in the cosplay field, with designs such as the Harley Quinn dress proving to be lasting favourites.

Whatever Pandora Deluxe style catches your eye here — from entry-level basics to the most demanding custom creations — I promise that you will enjoy excellent customer service, and that I will always go the extra mile to ensure you receive a dazzling outfit with a proper fit.

— Mags, London April 2014